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MINI PRICE FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE The Neo X7 is the first quad-core device by MINIX and despite its high-tier performance it comes at an affordable price. The Media Hub is powered by ultra-fast quad-core Cortex A9 chip, clocked at 1.6GHz and quad-core Mali 400 graphics accelerator. It comes with twice the RAM its predecessor X5 has, so that you can enjoy all the great applications Google Play has to offer without worrying it will run slower the harder you use it. Whether you are power-use, or you just want a great android-powered HTPC, the NEO X7 has it all.

EXTENDED CONNECTIVITY Just like the NEO X5, this model is equipped with 3 USB ports, 1 OTG port, headphone and microphone jack, optical audio, and Ethernet port. What is unique about this device is its Dual-Band external antenna that works on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, enhancing its Wi-Fi Miracast and Hotspot capabilities.   A SINGLE DEVICE FOR VARIETY OF TASKS The NEO X7 can serve you as a personal computer, media player, gaming console and basically everything you need and can possibly get from an Android-powered device. In the tables below you can see how powerful this thing actually is. It scores high results in even most devastating benchmark tests, proving it is a truly flagship device. MINIX' developers can ensure you will get latest versions of Android for your device as soon as possible. Also you get 24 months worldwide warranty .     PERFORMANCE COMPARISON In those few tables below you will find comparison between the android-powered mini pc we offer. We used Geekbench 3, AnTuTu and 3DMark software in order to give you detailed information on how those devices perform in certain tasks. Clickherefor detailed individual benchmark results.

Be sure to check out the accessories we offer to make your user-experience more advanced and enjoyable: Продукт известен още и като Neo X 7, NeoX7
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